Heir of the Dog - Hailey Edwards

Unfortunately, this is another occasion wherein it will be hard to write anything in this box because I've already continued the series, read the next book, and am currently working on the last book in the series. So.


I did write something as I went along; let me remind myself what got written:
"This is starting to annoy me. So. 72 year old man takes advantage of 18 year old woman. Woman now feels obligated to help keep man alive. Meanwhile feels obligated to pay all her mom's expenses because mom decided to fuck a fae. Yeah, this is annoying me."


Oh, right, that plot point. It comes and goes, this overwhelming need of Thierry's to take on the guilt and burdens of the world and place them upon her own shoulders. Taking upon herself the guilt and responsibility for the actions and consequences that developed when she, an 18 year old, 'slept' with a 72 year old man. The man she first meets when she was 13 and had, accidentally killed all of her best friends. Because she hadn't known she had power of any kind. And accidentally developed a glowing hand. Which her friends touched. And died from. So, this young 13 year old was faced with a father who had abandoned her before she was born, and the knowledge that she just killed her friends. When a super handsome dude showed up. An incubus. Oozing sexual attraction and lure.


Naturally she's to blame when they 'sleep' together 5 years later and 'something' happens to him which will have a deep impact on the rest of his life. Like, needing to feed off of her, and stuff (and only her). Did I mention that he was also her instructor at the Marshall's academy? And purposely used his incubus ooze during the final exam to try to keep her from passing? And almost succeeded? She's the only one that did, by the way. The rest got all caught by the lure, and stuff. He then became her trainer when she became a provisional Marshall. Her partner. Yeah, right, umms, I don't think she should be taking this 'burden' onto herself. The whole Shaw-Thierry link annoys me and vaguely nauseates me. But. *shrugs*


Then there’s the mother. Who, don’t’cha know, fucked a man. Consensually. So obviously it’s Thierry’s burden and fault that she, Thierry I mean, exists. And is alive. And therefore must feel obligated to pay all of her mother’s bills. And support her. Because, you know, she’s obviously guilty of . . . um . . forcing her mother . . to . . um . . have sex . . with a fae and . . um . . give birth to her. Um . . right.


This whole ‘taking the burdens of the world onto her back’ thing annoys the hell out of me.


Well, that must mean I hated the book, right? *looks* Yep, rating it 4.5 stars must mean, wait . . .. heh. I liked the book. All the ‘world building’ that you would expect to find in the first book actually did occur, just not in the first book. The author/someone really needs to go back and make that first story actually be a prequel. Rearrange the numbering. Have book one become 0.5, second book (this one here) become book 1, etc. Each book ends with an afterward about how the author wrote a trilogy and got talked into expanding it with a prequel. That’s nice and all, but she might have shot herself in the foot, so to speak. Because this really is an interesting story here, but the current first book in the series really doesn’t do justice as the entry point for the entire series.